MaiPDF Encryptor uses the strongest possible industry-standard encryption to protect your documents from copying and forwarding, online and offline, before and after delivery. Our access controls go a step further by enabling document expiration, location-based access, and printing restrictions. Importantly, your documents and the keys to them never leave your possession.

Free&Easy to Use

offers a free online library to upload your PDF files - big or small. You don't need to signed up for any account, you will be taken to your online dashboard where you can click the Upload button from the left side to upload PDF documents. You can also drag & drop PDF files to the window to upload.

Share PDF Online

Once you’ve uploaded the PDF to the MaiPDF, you can view it and just as easily share it. You can also use the Copy Link button to copy a link to the file to your clipboard, ready to be shared with anyone.

Advanced Controls

As an free alternative tool to Locklizard or Digify. MaiPDF provides the integrity and confidentiality of your files with encryption in transit and at rest.MaiPDF works to maximize the protection of your document by protecting your content from unauthorized access or downloading.

Integrated digital rights management

Prevent people from downloading, printing, or editing your files. With built-in digital rights management, Digify lets you restrict print and download as well as control who gets access to your information. Securely share confidential documents knowing that you’re in control at all times.

List Of features

  • Disable Downloading and printing
  • Tack the info of open time and open IP
  • Use Modification code to change and modify files

Screen Shield

With Screen Shield turned on, you can reduce the viewable area of the document to discourage screenshots. Recipients will also need to spend a lot more effort to capture and stitch together the information into a document, as they can only see a portion of the document at a time.

Ready to get started? try now!

MaiPDF offers two pathways: online and offline. The offline version takes your pdf file and adds a layer of encryption and converts it into a common Html file for compatibility across all operating systems. With regards to the online version, all you need to do is upload the files and click the online sharing option. This will turn your file into a quick non-ads link. The files can be linked to restriction settings and options to download, copy, or print is disabled. It is that simple and easy to use without any extra hassles! Thus, you no longer have to spend time or energy adding this feature to your files. If you are looking for a reliable platform to set expiration dates to your important pdf files then simply use an expert tool such as MaiPDF DRM for secure results.