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MaiPDF is a free and online tool which helps people to make their pdf file into a shareable links or QR codes You can quickly share a link to a PDF document with others for viewing. The document shared as a link or a QR code, it can be opened in any browser,on any device. The document is stored securely in MaiPDF Cloud.

Suggestion From MaiPDF
Sets the number of times the PDF file can be viewed and the length of each viewable duration. It can be set up to 2.1 billion times, and users can set it according to their own needs. It doesn't matter if you are not satisfied with the setting at the beginning, because after generating and sharing, you can still modify the number of times according to the website's modification code, or even replace the files in the link or two-dimensional code
After a file has been shared, we are often concerned about how many times our files have been viewed. Don't worry. For readling limitd that have been set to less than 10,000 times, MaiPDF will provide a record of when the user opened the document and the type of the device.

Works on 99% platform
Except antiquated browser like IE, MaiPDF links work on all kinds of browsers,easily make your PDF files into links or QR codes. We use SSL encryption to protect your documents during all files transfers.